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Introduction Excel

Part 1 :-  Excel Introduction

Part 2:- Tabs and Groups

Part 3:- Home Tab

Part 4:- Insert Tab

Part 5:- Tab View and Review and page layout

Part 6:- Filter and Advance Filter

Part 7:- Formulas (Sum, Count, Max, Min, IF, SumIF,CountIF, MaxIf, MinIF, AvgIF,Subproduct, Isnumber, Vlookup, Hlookup, Xlookup, Lookup, Index, Match, txt, concat, split, Switch, Iferror, or, and, Date, Year , Month, Day , Hours, Minutes, Second, Eomonth, Datediff, Networking days, filter, short, uniqe, Row, rows, columns , columns, Offset  etc)


Part 8:- Name Manager

Part 9:- Pivot Table

Pert 10:- Charts

Part 11:- Advance Logical Formula

Part 12:- Basic of Mecros

Part 13:- Tab Data basic

Advance Excel

Part 1:- Advance Pivot Table

Part 2:- Advance Charts

Part 3:- Advance Formatting

Part 5:- Power Query

Part 6:- Pawer Query Get data from Folder

Part 7:- Power Query Data Modeling

Part 8:- Power Query Transform

Part 9:- Power Pivot

Part 10:- Basic of M-Code

Part 11:- Get Data from Different source

Part 12:- Edit Query

Part 13:- Creating Advance formula Using Existing formula

Part 14:- Understanding Logics of Formula

Part 15:- Creating a Dashboard

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